Mikala Dwyer, Underfall

27 June – 23 August 2014, Mildura Arts Centre

Renowned Australian artist, Mikala Dwyer’s new film-based work, Underfall, will be premiered at the Mildura Art Centre for The Cinemas Project. Underfall is partly shot on-location in Mildura, and explores the power of images to distort and disorientate through Dwyer’s ongoing interest in obsidian mirrors and spirit photography.

Dwyer’s film references the architecture of cinema as an immersive space of suspense. By compiling filmed footage of various movements down staircases, Dwyer produces a vertiginous sense of our compulsion into the other world of the cinema. This footage is filmed on location in some of Mildura’s historic buildings and also in natural bush settings evoking questions of spirituality, alchemy and other worldliness.

Underfall will be installed alongside sculptures which act as screens and portals through which to view the film itself. These sculptures are similar to those exhibited at the Sydney Biennale giving Mildura audiences a very special opportunity to see the latest work by this important Australian artist.

Opening: 6 – 7:15pm

Artist/Curator talk: 5:30pm

The Cinemas Project: Exploring the Spectral Spaces of Cinema in Regional Victoria.
Five Artists / Five Projects / April to August 2014.