Spectral Ecologies Event: Robinvale Public Talk & Memory Swap

Spectral Ecologies Event: Robinvale Public Talk & Memory Swap
Sam Nightingale, from the series Cinétracts (2017): colour photograph.

Public Talk and Story Sharing / Memory Swap
2pm, Saturday 8 April
Rural Life Museum
89 Bromley Road, Robinvale


Please join us to share your memories of cinema-going in Robinvale including the wonderful Valley Drive In. We are excited that members of the Nulty Family will be in attendance – the family ran the Roxy, Robinvale and the Drive In as many will remember.

Nulty’s Pictures started screening films in Walpeup in the late 1920s before operating a cinema circuit across the Mallee and later operating fixed cinemas in towns across the Mallee including Robinvale, Charlton and Mildura. The history of Nulty’s Pictures is explored through some of the work exhibited as part of Spectral Ecologies at Mildura Arts Centre, Thursday 6 April – Sunday 18 June 2017.

Please bring along your memories and any photos or memorabilia you would like to show!

Presented as part of Spectral Ecologies at Mildura Arts Centre, which includes an exhibition at Mildura Arts Centre (Thursday 6 April – Sunday 18 June 2017) and free public events in Ouyen, Robinvale and Mildura.

Spectral Ecologies explores the Mallee through the idea of the “cinematic” by exploring the ways that the changing technologies and ecologies of cinema enable us to see, to experience and to engage with the region.