sonic, solar: variously

sonic, solar: variously

Bianca Hester, sonic objects, solar objects: variously

6pm, 4 July 2014, Coles Carpark Public Event, Performance and Screening
7pm, 4 July 2014, Ozone Room, The Warrnambool Hotel

Commissioned by NETS Victoria for The Cinemas Project, curated by Bridget Crone
A new film-based work shot in Warrnambool.

Please join us to celebrate the premiere of Bianca Hester’s new film sonic objects, solar objects: variously (2014) a film shot on the location of Warrnambool’s cinemas and drive-in. The film will be screened in the Coles carpark, Lava Street Warrnambool at 6pm. The event will be followed by a reception and memory gathering in the Ozone Room at the Hotel Warrnambool. We welcome your memories of cinema in Warrnambool to share with us.

sonic objects, solar objects: variously is based on two interrelated performance-processes – sonic and visual; these performance-processes have been used to activate sites around Warrnambool, in particular ‘hidden’ or ‘lost’ cinema sites. These sites include the Capitol Cinema, Kepler Street and the sites of former cinemas, such as the Liberty Cinema in Lava Street and the Shandon Drive-In on the Princess Highway. The activation of these sites via the sonic and solar objects creates a different kind of portrait of Warrnambool.

Employing a range of fabricated and cast metallic objects as props, Hester will work with a group of participants in Warrnambool to explore a range of sonic and optical possibilities across a variety of sites including those of disappeared cinemas such as the Liberty Cinema (now a Coles supermarket) and the Shandon Drive-In (now an abandoned block). These explorations will take place across three days, culminating in a sonic-optic performance and film projection that will gather participants and an audience in the local Coles carpark.

Thanks to the participants who so generously gave up their time (and early mornings) to support the project.