The Cinemas Project: Exploring The Spectral Spaces of Cinema

A round up of The Cinemas Project in the press

We’ve had some brilliant support from local and national press and the media for The Cinemas Project. On this page, you can look at some of the coverage that we received and reminisce about the wonderful work that the five artists, Brook Andrew, Mikala Dwyer, Bianca Hester, Lily Hibberd and Tom Nicholson, have made for the Project as well as the photographer Sam Nightingale who’s work (both research and photographic) underpins much of the project. Enjoy!

stories about the cinemas project as a whole

ABC National Weekend Arts, Saturday 26 April 2014 2:35PM
The Cinemas Project Bridget Crone and Lily Hibberd Interview with Melanie Tait
RADIO / 11 minute interview / listen here

ARTGUIDE Australia, July – August 2014
PRINT FEATURE by Dylan Rainforth / read here

Stories related to a specific artist’s project

Brook Andrew, ‘de anima’

THE AGE, Saturday 12 April 2014
‘Brook Andrew explores notions of the soul in De Anima’, Dan Rule
PRINT & ON-LINE REVIEW / read here

Experimenta blog, 30 April 2014
‘The Cinemas Project’ by Erin Davidson
ON-LINE REVIEW / read here

MAIN FM Radio, Arts Swank, Monday 7 April 2014: 07.00PM
Interview with Brook Andrew, Mama Alto and Justin Shoulder

Bendigo Advertiser, April 12 2014
GALLERY: Gateway to the Soul Gallery of 20 colour images of De Anima installation / view here

Bendigo Advertiser NEWS NOW VIDEO, April 12 2014
‘A work by artist Brook Andrew recasts ethnographic film archives to invoke Aristotle’s treatise of the universal living soul’, Brook Andrew and Bridget Crone interview with Leigh Sharp
VIDEO INTERVIEW / watch here

Other: WIN TV NEWS BENDIGO, Thursday 1 May; MAIN FM Radio, Arts Swank, Monday 7 April 2014; Saturday Breakfast ABC Radio Bendigo, Saturday 2 May.


ABC Radio Mildura-Swan Hill, 27 June, 2014 11:13AM
‘Discovering the depths of Mildura’s historic buildings for art’ by Deb O’Callaghan
Interview with Mikala Dwyer and Bridget Crone / listen here

Sunraysia Daily, 27 June
‘Refining Space’ / read here

 Bianca Hester, ‘sonic objects, solar objects: variously’

The Standard, 21 June 2014
‘An abstract view of Warrnambool’s cinema history’ by Sean McComish
PRINT & ON-LINE / read here

Lily Hibberd, Twin Cinema: 4 Devils and a woman in red

Realtime Arts Magazine, RT Profiler 2 JULY, 2014
‘In Profile: Lily Hibberd, Twin Cinema: Four Devils and a Woman in Red’ by Urszula Dawkins
ONL-LINE / read here

Latrobe Valley Express, 1 May 2014
‘Nostalgic Memories Captured’ by Louis Nelson
PRINT / ON-LINE / read here

Yarram Standard, Wednesday 30 April 2014
Playing at the Regent
PRINT / ON-LINE / read here and here

Other: Gippsland Community Radio, Saturday 12 April; ABC Radio Gippsland, Thursday 24 April; WIN TV NEWS GIPPSLAND, Wednesday 23 April.

Tom Nicholson, ‘Indefinite Substitution’

ABC Arts, Sunday, 13 July 2014
‘The Cinemas Project – Tom Nicholson’s Indefinite Substitution’ by Tim Stone
TV Feature / watch here

Geelong Advertiser, 8 July 2014
‘Batman, Buckley busts help art scene get ahead’ by Sophie Aubrey
PRINT FEATURE / read here