Imagining Mildura – downtown cinema walk

Imagining Mildura – downtown cinema walk

… An illuminating journey into Mildura’s cinema history

Sunday 17th April 2016
Time: 11am (approx 1.5 hours)
Details about the meeting point will be communicated once booked
All on pavements, flat terrain
FREE, BOOKING REQUIRED Telephone Mildura Arts Centre to book: (03) 5018 8330 or email.

Mildura has a fascinating cinematic history that has seen film screenings take place across the city since the 1910s in beautiful picture palaces, co-opted halls and drive-ins. Some of these spaces became iconic symbols of modernity; others were sites for early experimental processes; and for others they were spaces where locally made films were screened.

Join artist Sam Nightingale, as he leads a walk around downtown Mildura searching out these traces of cinema history that can still be found dotted across the city. The walk is an opportunity to share memories and learn about Mildura’s cinematic past as well as the chance to discover the layers of history that are often hidden within the architecture of the everyday.

In the walk we will see cinemas that are still standing, even if no longer used, picture-palaces that have left only ghostly traces of their former glory and structures that need our imagination to project the past into the present. Rather than being a guided tour, this artist-led walk offers the opportunity for a collective imagining of Mildura’s cinematic splendour! Join us!

Max 10 people

Free – but please call Mildura Arts Centre to book a place, Tel: (03) 5018 8330 or email

Details about the meeting point will be communicated once booked.

This event is one in a series of events that are taking place through Heritage Week to launch a new project, Spectral Ecologies, a collaboration between the Mildura Arts Centre and The Cinemas Project.

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