Brook Andrew, De Anima
12 April to 1 June, Bendigo Art Gallery

Brook Andrew’s De Anima is a major new artwork addressing the politics of representation, of immersion and indoctrination. Andrew is one of Australia’s most exciting and provocative artists, and with De Anima he challenges us to learn and to read the semiotics of life, in order to question a dominant Western gaze. Brook aims to destabilise the usual viewing tools that are harnessed by this dominant gaze such as the horizon line, patriarchy, war propaganda and racial voyeurism to position the active viewer in a seemingly new, re-vamped world view of seeing and being. Here the viewer becomes just another piece of De Anima’s world.

Challenging and blurring the space between photography, painting, sculpture, video and performance, De Anima pressures the visitor to be immersed in its midst by donning a costume and being ready to experience a new view, as the small eyes in a forest might. In De Anima the spectator is not Aristotle’s rational and thinking soul that is separate from the world but is completely immersed in all that surrounds. Those ready to confront this experience will soon understand why this world seems awkward for some and a revelation for others.

A feast of many parts, De Anima includes an ambitious new video with score composed by Theodore Wong, performed by Mama Alto and Justin Shoulder and featuring archival as well as newly filmed footage, alongside a series of photographic images and sculptural forms. De Anima presents us with a visually sumptuous world of sound and image that immerses us in its midst.

De Anima is a CATALYST Katherine Hannay Visual Arts Commission. Brook Andrew is represented by Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, and Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris.

The Cinemas Project: Exploring the Spectral Spaces of Cinema in Regional Victoria.
Five Artists / Five Projects / April to August 2014.