The Cinemas Project Book

CONTRIBUTORS: Ian Christie, Anniversary Professor of Film and Media History at Birkbeck College, University of London and film historian, curator and broadcaster; Bridget Crone, curator, The Cinemas Project; Adrian Martin, Professor of Film Studies at Goethe University, Frankfurt and Monash University, Melbourne; Sam Nightingale, artist and researcher; Brook Andrew, Mikala Dwyer, Bianca Hester, Lily Hibberd and Tom Nicholson, exhibiting artists.

188pp., soft cover with 40 full-colour and 10 black and white illustrations.
Published by National Exhibitions Touring Support (NETS) Victoria, 2014.
Edited by Bridget Crone.
ISBN: 978-0-9802977-0-6

To celebrate the culmination of the first iteration of The Cinemas Project, we are publishing a book that catalogues the commissioned artists’ work as well as highlighting some of the sites of cinema that we have visited across regional Victoria. The book contains essays on the work of Brook Andrew and Mikala Dwyer, as well as extensive interviews with Tom Nicholson and Bianca Hester regarding their work that was produced for The Cinemas Project. We are delighted that the book also contains essays by renowned cinema historians Adrian Martin and Ian Christie, alongside artist Sam Nightingale’s evocative photo-essay that presents the sites of cinema as they appear today. Finally, we are thrilled to present the complete script for Lily Hibberd’s play 4 Devils – Hell and High Water, which was written for the beautiful Regent Cinema in Yarram and to be performed by a local cast. Built in 1930 by the entrepreneurial Mrs M A Thompson, The Regent remains an active and important part of the Yarram community and Hibberd’s play responds to the important role that the theatre holds within the community as well as telling its fascinating (and often humorous) history.

About The Cinemas Project
The Cinemas Project draws upon the spectral space of cinema making reference to the diverse temporal spaces that are opened up within the immersive narratives of film and by acts of reminiscence and memory. As such we see The Cinemas Project to be evoking spirited, visions, ghostly images and the theatre of memory.

The Cinemas Project is a program of major, new contemporary artworks that explore the spaces of cinema in regional Victoria. These projects, by five of Australia’s leading contemporary artists, evoke both the mechanics of film as well as the history and present day reality of cinema and the power of images in our midst. In many cases the works were housed within or make reference to cinema buildings that still stand, have vanished or have been re-purposed.

The Cinemas Project Book will be launched on Tuesday 16th December.

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