Cinema Memory Event

Cinema Memory Event

Saturday 16th April
Time 4-6pm
Location: Mildura Arts Centre

We invite you to join us in sharing local memories and stories of going to the cinema.

Crossroads, The Capital, Ozone, Astor, Diggerland and Wonderland….
Just a few of the names that might spark a memory of going to the ‘pictures’ in Mildura and the surrounding area during the last 70 years.

WHERE: did you go? a drive-in, picture-palace, a traveling picture show?

WHAT: did you go to see? newsreels, westerns, thrillers, cartoons?

WHO: did you go with? brothers and sisters, friends, parents, a date?

MAYBE: you were a projectionist, an usher, or worked in the box office?

Come and share your cinema memories! Bring along any photos, memorabilia or paraphernalia that you would like to show and share!

The cinema memory event is one in a series of events that are taking place through Heritage Week to launch a new project, Spectral Ecologies, a collaboration between the Mildura Arts Centre and The Cinemas Project.

Join us on Saturday 16th April, 4-6pm, at the Mildura Arts Centre or email for more information.

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